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 Mod. 500A 3AC 

Mod. 500A 3AC

3 NC controlled axes (Y – X – A)

Automatic longitudinal and horizontal pre-programmed and reversible slot machining and automatic rotation of turntable  for any required slot depth and diameter.  
Tool lift obtained by alternating table movements.  
Once the pre-programmed slot depth has been reached, in automatic the machine performs a number of finishing strokes and the ram stops in its top position and  the workpiece table  in automatic returns to machining start cycle position.   
Electronic turntable with central through hole to floor with possibility of programming 1500 symmetrical  and 999 asymmetrical divisions.   
Possibility of machining specific trapezoidal, circular and linear slots.   
The incorporated NC technology provides a user friendly  operator/machine interface, the operator can call up data on the display utilising the keypad, enter production data. The type of technology incorporated is easy and simple to use.  
Machining programmes with zero workpiece position can be saved and stored and called up when required. It is possible to store up to 100 programmes.
This model can run in automatic  two or more programmes in sequence. 

The software offers the following standard applications: 
  • slot repeat:  this function is for repeating slot machining without having to proceed with machine setup.
  • incremental tool lift:  with this function enabled the tool is completely raised out of the slot when the ram returns  and returns to zero workpiece position.
If required, it is possible to add and incorporate  specific software functions and applications:
  • Slot bottom finishing:  in the event the slot is widened the operator has the possibility of milling the bottom of the slot to finish.
  • slot side finishing:  this function is for widening the slot by milling and finishing the sides.
  • decreasing tool feed:  this function allows the operator to automatically modify tool feed (machining) using two specific values initial and final tool feed.  This function is enabled by entering the two tool feed values.
  • air blow:  ideal when machining slots in blind holes.  At a defined number of ram strokes a solenoid valve is activated and air is blown onto the workpiece to remove swarf during machining.  The operator also has the possibility of setting the function operating time. 
  • chamfering:  once having machined the slot it is possible with this function to chamfer slot edges to 45° in automatic.
  • tangential slots:  this function allows the operator to machine in automatic two or more UNI 7515-76 tangential slots of any width.
20° tilting head (in both directions).  Inverter controlled  variable stepless slotting speed with potentiometer incorporated in the control panel.   The machine incorporates an electro-pump for the tool cooling system and automatic pump for ram and trolley lubrication.   Maintenance tools and machine instruction manual are provided.  Machine designed and manufactured to EC standards and directives.


Mod. 500A 3AC
Mod. 500A 3AC

Adjustable stroke from zero to
mm 500
1Distance Column/Tool holder
2Distance Table surface/Head
Distance Table surface/earth
Distance between tool-holder basis and table centre backwards
5Distance between tool-holder basis and table centre forwardsmm
6Vertical Ram adjustmentmm
9Boring in Worktable centreØ mm250
10Measurements turntable (NC controlled axis A)
 Ø mm 700
11Max.distance between head surface and ram surface (HPD)mm335
12Max.distance between head surface and ram surface (LHP)mm715
Longitudinal Table travel (CN on axis Y)
Horizontal travel (CN on axis X) mm480
Max. loading capacity kg1800
N. of variable stepless strokes  N. strokes/min 10 a 50
Ram motor power
Kw 5.5
Overall machine dimensions
D =2450
W =3050
H =3250



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