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C.A.M.S. srl

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C.A.M.S. srl, has been operating in the tool machine industry as  specialist supplier of slot machining equipment since 1975, and acknowledged for its robust and simple to use machines. Thanks to the ongoing improvements to the range of products offered, this enterprise,  over the years has positioned itself on both the domestic and international markets.

C.A.M.S. srl has a team of qualified and specialist staff, CNC production machinery and manufactures almost 100% of the mechanical components in-house offering customers high performing, reliable and precision  slotting machines.
An important feature and strength of this company is that it has always focused on research to find the ideal solutions to offer prime quality machinery, guaranteed longevity, reliability and safety.

This is the reason why C.A.M.S srl has established a  significant objective of improving its production by reviewing and modifying the various production processes which have an important impact on product quality to guarantee that nothing is left to chance, but each single product satisfies stringent quality standards and requirements.